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WikiHouse / BuildX

Design lead

Since late 2016, I’ve been a core member of WikiHouse; an ambitious open source project to reinvent the way we make homes and build communities in the 21st century. In 2018, WikiHouse evolved into Open Systems Lab; a non-profit R&D lab working on open digital innovation for industry and society.
           One of our major projects is BuildX; an operating system for digital design and a digital supply chain platform for buildings. It combines automation with the web to reinvent the way we design, construct and use buildings – from fragmented supply chains to on-demand construction.
           BuildX is able to search for thousands of adaptive building systems and products. Each comes with built-in rules and data, so as you design, BuildX writes every detail, calculates up-to-date costings, and estimates the performance and environmental impact of your decisions.
           At WikiHouse/Open Systems Lab, my work has encompassed everything from strategic design and research, to experience design, interaction design, product design, visual design and front-end web development.

Role Lead Designer: User Experience & User Interface & Visual Design. On-site for one year, then remote for 2 years.