Aaron Gillett is an interdependent product designer, working toward a distributed and collaborative future

Based in Brisbane Treviso Milan London Berlin  πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Mexico City

Contributions β€”
Past, present & future

The first multichain crypto wallet, built with the xNFT executable app standard
Backpack, built by Coral
A carbon-backed algorithmic digital currency to drive climate action, by making it more expensive to pollute
KlimaDAO, Product Design Contributor
A platform to value and invest in nature beyond carbon
Trees as Infrastructure, Co-Founder β€” Dark Matter Labs

A decentralised notifications protocol built on the Solana blockchain
Goo, Co-Founder
A non-profit architecture R&D lab working on open digital innovation for industry and society
Open Systems Lab / WikiHouse
Exploring new approaches to development and policy at Innovation Days Istanbul
United Nations Development Programme β€” Dark Matter Labs

A news platform for neutral, factual, high-quality journalism, with the founder of Wikipedia
WikiTribune, Product Design
Visualising climate change as melting glaciers move national borders
Italian Limes β€” Studio Folder
A radical approach to incorporating digital technology into museumsGuggenheim β€” Γ…zone Futures Market

Critical discussion on contemporary issues, through events, workshops and publications
Responsive Projects, Co-Founder

Always open