Aaron Gillett is a product designer working toward a distributed and collaborative future

Based in Brisbane Treviso Milan London Berlin Mexico City Berlin

Contributions —
Past, present & future

The first multichain crypto wallet, built with the xNFT executable app standard
Backpack Product Designer, with Coral
A crypto-powered fund for climate-tech entrepreneurs to build, innovate, and iterate towards restoring and preserving earth health from ocean to ozone
The Orca Climate Fund, Member and Contributor, with Orca
A carbon-backed algorithmic digital currency to drive climate action, by making it more expensive to pollute
KlimaDAO, Product Design Contributor

A platform to value and invest in nature beyond carbon
Trees as Infrastructure, Co-Founder, with Dark Matter Labs
A decentralised notifications protocol built on the Solana blockchain
Goo, Co-Founder
A non-profit architecture R&D lab working on open digital innovation for industry and society
Open Systems Lab Product Designer, with WikiHouse

Exploring new approaches to development and policy at Innovation Days Istanbul
United Nations Development ProgrammeDark Matter Labs
A news platform for neutral, factual, high-quality journalism, with the founder of Wikipedia
WikiTribune, Product Design
Visualising climate change as melting glaciers move national borders
Italian Limes Contributor with Studio Folder

A radical approach to incorporating digital technology into museumsGuggenheim Åzone Futures Market with Studio Folder
Critical discussion on contemporary issues, through events, workshops and publications
Responsive Projects, Co-Founder
Designing a wide range of Creative Applications  Contributing to various projects including WeAreHunted and Myspace with Josephmark
Always open